CodeRED LogoThe CodeRED system is a free emergency notification service provided to all residents within the Town of Black Mountain. It provides Town officials the ability to quickly deliver emergency messages to targeted geographic areas or to the entire Town at once. The CodeRED system will be used to relay information about emergency conditions, road detours, water line breaks, weather-related directives, closures, or other service-related information through phone calls, text messages, emails and social media. You can easily create a managed account by connecting with your Google, Facebook or Twitter account. This will allow you to keep your information up to date.

Pre-Entry / Update Information

Black Mountain Water Customers phone numbers have been pre-entered into the CodeRED system periodically throughout the year. We ask that you take a moment to update your water account information as you come in to pay your bills so that we have accurate information on file in case of an emergency. While every effort is made to ensure all citizens are enrolled through water billing, citizens should not assume their contact information has been automatically included, and all Black Mountain residents and businesses are encouraged to simply click on the link below to enroll.

The data collected will only be used for Town-related notification purposes. It is kept confidential and appropriate steps will be taken to protect the information from unauthorized access or disclosure.


To register for an account in the CodeRED emergency alert system, go to the CodeRED website.

Do Not Call / Block List

Place your number on a do not call/block list, go to the Onsolve website and follow the prompts.