Public Works & Sanitation services 

The Public Works Department provides several services to the Town including streets, parks, water system management and sanitation services. Employees in the department are responsible for the preservation, maintenance, and expansion of the Town’s infrastructure system which includes approximately 43 miles of public streets and over 10 miles of public sidewalks. Public Works staff also maintain Town parks and greenways. All streets inside the Town of Black Mountain are not repaired/maintained by the Public Works Department. Please refer to the Road Maintenance List for information relating to responsible departments/parties. If you need to report a Pothole on a NCDOT maintained street you can do so on their website.

The enhancement and improvement of the aesthetic beauty of the community is a primary mission of the entire organization and the Street Division contributes to this mission by insuring that this system of infrastructure is properly maintained and enhanced to allow our residents and visitors safe access to the community and its beauty.

Water System

The Public Works Department also manages the production and distribution of potable water and produces 187 million gallons of water annually from 12 wells which is then distributed through approximately 3,899 taps along 72 miles of water lines. The Town purchases approximately 30% of its water from the City of Asheville on an annual basis. Public Services staff are responsible for the maintenance of this system as well as maintenance of the Black Mountain Pool. The Water Administration office is responsible for account billing and maintenance. 

Sewer System

The Metropolitan Sewerage District MSD is a public body organized under the provisions of the North Carolina Metropolitan Sewerage Districts Act, being Article 5, Chapter 162A of the General Statutes of North Carolina, as amended. The District is comprised of many political subdivisions located within Buncombe County including the Town of Black Mountain.  The District owns, operates and maintains a 40 million gallon per day (MGD) wastewater treatment plant to treat raw sewage and industrial wastewaters collected in an extensive network (approximately 900 miles) of collector sewers currently owned, operated and maintained by the District pursuant to the consolidation agreements signed on July 2, 1990. The District also owns, operates and maintains approximately 60 miles of interceptor sewers that connect such sewers to the treatment plant. If you have a sewer related problem please contact MSD at 828-255-0061

Sanitation Services

The Sanitation Department manages trash, recycling, and brush collection, including bulky items and white goods. They provide special services for residents unable to manage their trash and recycling carts, and provide sanitation-related code enforcement. You may submit requests online by clicking the links to the pages on the left. Additional information is contained within the Sanitation Services subpages.  

Director Responsibilities

The Public Services Director is responsible for the operations of the entire department and coordination between the services under his direct supervision, and those that are closely affiliated, in an attempt to provide a high quality of service for a reasonable cost. The Director sets the goals and objectives of the Department and then ensures that they are carried out in a manner that ensures essential services go uninterrupted throughout the year. The primary goal of this department is to process, monitor and coordinate the operations to constantly improve upon the delivery of services in the Town. Work is performed under the general supervision of the Town Manager.