Senior Check Program

The Senior Check Program provides a daily health and well-being check for town residents enrolled in the program. Participants are required to call the Black Mountain Police Department each day by 11:00 am at 828-419-9350. If the participant fails to check in, the Black Mountain Communications staff will make an attempt to contact the participant. 

If the communications staff are unable to make contact with the participant, a police officer will be dispatched to the home for a welfare check of the participant. After arriving at the home, the police officer will knock on the door in an attempt to make contact. If no one answers the door, the officer will make contact with the emergency contact/key holder provided by the participant. 

To participate in this program, the potential participant must:  

• Reside within the town limits 

• Be 62 years of age or older or 55 years of age, have a disability or a life threatening injury/illness 

• Fill out an application 

• Provide a key holder who can allow access into the residence 

In order for the program to be effective, it is imperative that participants are consistent in making their daily calls into the communications center, notify the communications center if they are going to be out-of-town due to vacations, hospital stays, etc. as well as notify the communications center upon their return. 

This program is intended to provide residents living alone with a sense of security and confidence that assistance is nearby should they need it. All information provided will remain confidential. 

For information on the Senior Check Program, contact the Black Mountain Police Department at 828-419-9350. 

  1. Police Department

    Physical Address
    106 Montreat Road
    Black Mountain, NC 28711

    Phone: 828-419-9300, option 2
    Fax: 828-669-8143
    Emergency Phone: 911 or 828-250-6670 for non-emergency dispatch 24/7

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