Zoning and Code Enforcement


The purpose of the Land Use Code is to ensure orderly, attractive, and economically sound development and to protect existing property values within the Town of Black Mountain. In addition, the Land Use Code, adopted by the Board of Aldermen, protects and preserves the area’s scenic beauty, natural resources, parks, and open spaces. 

Zoning Administration is responsible for enforcing the Town of Black Mountain’s Land Use Code including building setbacks, parking requirements, landscaping, signs, and subdivisions. The Zoning Administrator provides staff support to the quasi-judicial boards, including Zoning Board of Adjustment and Historic Preservation Commission. 

Code Enforcement

The purpose of code enforcement is to preserve the general health, safety, and welfare of the Town of Black Mountain’s citizens, neighborhoods, and businesses through the enforcement of town ordinances and state statutes on a variety of issues within the corporate limits of Black Mountain. 

To report an issue or file a complaint you are not required to identify yourself but must provide specific information for investigation, including address or location of the issue and suspected violations.

  • Online: Code enforcement issues may be reported through the online form.
  • In-person: Visit the Planning and Development Services Department
  • Call us at (828) 419-9300, ext. 4

All complaints will be investigated by visiting the property or location to make an inspection. If a violation (or multiple violations) is discovered, Town and State Ordinance enforcement procedures will be undertaken. Violations are the responsibility of the property owner/landlord, not the tenant. If a violation is not corrected within the specified amount of time, civil penalties and/or property liens may be initiated.

In-person inspections are not being conducted in occupied dwellings. Inspections needed for occupied dwellings are being conducted as live remote inspections using the Google Duo app. This app is free on Android and iPhone. We are requesting that no one be on-site during inspections but if that is not possible, we ask that the number of people be limited and that social distancing measures be maintained.