Swannanoa River Restoration Project

The Swannanoa River Restoration Project will restore and stabilize approximately 1,700 linear feet of the Swannanoa River located at Veteran's Park. The primary goal of the project is to stabilize the eroding banks and river bed using natural materials such as stone and wood and native riparian plantings. 

Mobilization for the project will begin on Monday, May 17, 2021. A hellbender survey will be conducted and species will be relocated if necessary. 

Equipment will access the park from the Montreat In-the-Oaks trail location. Please do not be alarmed to see equipment in the river. 

The front 9 of the disc golf course will be closed during construction. The back 9 of the Disc Golf Course, the Community Garden, the baseball fields, the playground, and Grey Eagle will remain open. 

Caution tape will be in place around the construction area and we ask that you do not disturb or enter the construction area. 

We would like to thank our funding partners: Duke Progress Energy, the Pigeon River Fund, and the Department of Water Quality. 

We would also like to thank Montreat College for their help with this project as well. 

The anticipated completion of the project is mid-August.