The Town of Black Mountain is required to follow rules created under the Federal Clean Water Act, which ensures stormwater is controlled and pollution within stormwater is reduced. The Town engages in many tasks to achieve these goals, including installing stormwater controls on public property, improving the stormwater conveyance system, reducing debris entering storm drains, and providing community education and outreach events. Stormwater flows, untreated, from town streets, rooftops, parking lots and yards and directly into the closest receiving body of water.

The Stormwater Management Program was implemented by Town Council and is coordinated by planning staff. It takes the support, collaboration, and effort of each department to restore, protect, and preserve the surface waters in Black Mountain.

The Stormwater Management Program was created to address the requirements of the Town’s National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. The NPDES permit is an unfunded federal mandate from the Federal Clean Water Act. If the Town does not remain compliant with the requirements of the NPDES permit, the Town is at risk of receiving fines for non-compliance from the State of tens of thousands of dollars per violation per day.

The Stormwater Utility Fee supports the compliance efforts of the Stormwater Program, which not only serves to reduce pollution and monitor our stormwater system, it keeps the residents of Black Mountain from paying extremely high fines for non-compliance.

You can read the list of NPDES permit requirements implemented by the Stormwater Program here: NCS000422_Black Mountain APPROVED SWMP_20211220.pdf (

You can read the Town’s NPDES Permit here: NCS000422_Black Mtn FINAL PERMIT_20211220.pdf (

You may view the 2022 Stormwater Update to find out additional information and requirements. 

Have questions about the Stormwater Utility Fee? 

Read FAQs about the Stormwater Utility Fee here: Stormwater Utility Billing FAQ | Black Mountain, NC (


What is stormwater? 

Watch the video below to learn about what stormwater is and why it needs to be managed.

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