For Residents

As homeowners, there are things that are done every day that impact the quality of local waterways. Water is a finite resource and must be protected. It is up to the citizens of this Town to help protect the water for ourselves and future generations. 

Actions You Can Take

  • Collect and dispose of waste properly.
  • Help organize a community cleanup for a street, ditch, stream, or creek.
  • Identify the storm drains in your neighborhood. Make sure that nothing but rain goes into the storm drain.
  • Limit fertilizer and pesticide use and be sure to read the labels.
  • Pick up litter. Bag and secure all trash and place in a proper disposal container.
  • Recycle all used motor oils.
  • Report suspected pollutants going into a stream, creek, or storm drain.
  • Stabilize and vegetate bare and eroding areas of lawns. Sediment is the number one source of pollution in North Carolina streams.
  • Take cars to a commercial carwash where water is recycled before being released into the sanitary sewer system.

*Information on this Web Page excerpted from City of Concord, Copyright 2019, and City of Winston-Salem, Copyright 2006-2020