Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

  1. What is a CIP
  2. Why do we need a CIP
  3. Why a CIP is important

A CIP is not a capital budget. It is a forward-looking plan to understand and manage the Town's capital needs and informs annual capital budgets and establishes capital project funds as needed. 

CIPs are adopted by resolution and updated each year. 

The Town's first CIP will be developed on a seven-year basis. 

A CIP includes all capital projects and purchases for the Town for a period of time, provides project and purchase descriptions and justifications, and identifies funding sources.

  1. General Process
  2. Risk Created by not developing a cip

  1. Where do projects originate
  2. Types of Projects
  3. Public Comment

Projects for proposed for the CIP come from many entities: 

  • The Community
    • The community will have an opportunity to suggest projects
  • Town Council
    • Council members and the Mayor may submit capital projects to the Town Manager
  • Town Manager and Department Heads
    • Known unidentified needs are those not included in existing planning documents but known to be needed by staff. These are often maintenance needs, not new projects.
    • Known identified needs are those included in adopted planning documents.
    • Many projects and purchases are related to critical services provided by the Town.
    • Many projects and purchases are related to maintain compliance with state and federal laws.