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September 20, 2023 11:40 AM

New Leaf Collection Policy

• From October 1 – January 31 all leaves should be blown or raked to the curb for collection. If access is blocked for any reason, they will not be collected until access is provided.
• Leaves should not be placed in ditches. This will cause drainage issues during rain events.
• To reduce the number of plastic bags in the landfill, the use of plastic bags is PROHIBITED. No plastic bags will be collected during the busy leaf season months.
• You DO NOT need to schedule a collection of loose leaves. Simply have them at the curb. The contractor for this service will be making daily rounds and will collect them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide collection day information.
• DO NOT mix any other debris, limbs, sticks, etc. with the pile of leaves. This may cause damage to the equipment. Piles containing other debris or brush/sticks will not be collected until the resident separates the pile.

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