Town of Black Mountain Boards & Commissions Frequently Asked Questions

What are Boards and Commissions?

Boards and Commissions are designed to give citizens a voice in their government and provide a means of influencing decisions that shape the quality of life for the residents of our Town. Participation on a board or commission is one of the most effective steps citizens can take in having an active voice in their local government. The Town of Black Mountain has 7 Boards & Commissions. For a list and description of each, please see the Boards & Commissions Policy Manual. 

Why would I want to be a member?

Appointment to a Board or Commission gives citizens an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the governance of the Town. Board members help shape the future of Black Mountain by lending their experience, judgment, and expertise.

Who can serve on a Board or Commissions?

Board and Commission members must be residents of the Town of Black Mountain, unless otherwise specified. Some boards may have more or less specific requirements for particular seats. Please contact the Town Clerk for more information.

How do I become a member?

An application is required for consideration of an appointment to a Board or Commission.  Applicants are welcome to send a resume or cover letter to accompany their application directly to the Clerk's office.  Unless otherwise specified, all Town advisory board/commission seats should be residents of the Town of Black Mountain. Once an application for an appointment has been filed with the Town Clerk, it becomes public information and is therefore subject to public records requests.

Can I apply to more than one Board or Commission at a time?

Yes, you can apply for up to three boards or commissions at a time. However, once appointed to a Board or Commission your name will be removed from the others of interest. You will need to reapply if interested on serving on another board.

How many Boards can I serve on at a time?

No citizen shall be eligible to hold concurrently more than one appointment to advisory boards or commissions; this limitation shall not apply to ad hoc (task force) committees appointed by the Town Council

How long does my application stay on file?

Applications will stay on file for one year or until the next advertisement of available seats in April/May of each year.  If you wish for your application to remain on file you must contact the Clerk's office or submit a new application at this time.

Do Board and Commission members get paid for their duties? 

Town of Black Mountain boards and commissions are volunteer positions and members do not receive compensation for their duties.

What time commitment is expected of a board member?

Time commitment varies depending on the board or commission. Most boards and commissions meet on a monthly basis.  Additionally, board members must be able to dedicate time outside of meetings to do reading, research, etc. 

What are the terms for members serving on a Board or Commission?

The Town Council has expressed their preference to limit advisory board and commission members’ terms of service to two consecutive terms; however, they have reserved the right to override that preference when they deem the circumstances of an individual’s service to the community to be of such notable importance as to warrant a continuation of service.  In those situations where the Town Council deems special circumstances to exist that warrant the continuation of community service by an individual on a board or commission, any member of the Town Council may place the name of that individual into nomination and state that they believe special circumstance warrant a continuation of service.  The Town Council may then reappoint said individual by voting in no less than a 4/5 majority of the membership to reappoint the individual to another term of office.  This process may be repeated as often as the Town Council deems the special circumstances to warrant an additional appointment.

A person who has served more than two-thirds of a full term after being appointed to complete the term of a previous board member shall be considered to have served a full term for the purposes of determining eligibility under the provisions of this section.

How are Board and Commission members appointed? 

The Town Council shall proceed by motion made by any member, including the Mayor.  A motion does not require a second and a member may make only one motion at a time.  Each motion shall be considered and dealt with one at a time, and a new motion may not be put forth until action on the previous one is concluded.  A motion shall be adopted by a majority of the votes cast with a quorum present.   

How do I contact Board or Commission members? 

We encourage communications with advisory boards and commissions members. However in some instances it is inappropriate to communicate with board members regarding matters which are quasi-judicial in nature. In order to preserve the integrity of quasi-judicial proceedings and avoid exparte commutations please direct all communications to boards and commission members to their staff liaison who will forward your requests to the board chair person.  Staff Liaisons will be able to provide information related to the agenda, past minutes, and upcoming meetings. All Town Boards and Commission meetings are open to the public. 

For more information please visit the Boards & Commissions page. 

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