Why do I have to pay the stormwater utility if I live on a NCDOT road?
  • The stormwater utility fee is primarily used to ensure that the Town is in compliance with its NPDES MS4 permit, which is federally mandated and administered by the NC Department of Environmental Quality. 
  • The fee is used to pay for staff to implement the requirements of the NPDES MS4 permit as well as to implement the Town's two NCG08 General Industrial Stormwater permits. 
  • The stormwater utility fee applies to every developed parcel within Town boundaries to pay for the Town to be compliant.
  • In addition to compliance, which is required and has heavy fees if the Town is not compliant, the Town is using the stormwater program to provide services to residents. 
  • One of these is offering site visits to investigate stormwater issues in the right-of-way along both Town roads and DOT roads. 
  • Issues with DOT roads are referred by staff and any maintenance issues on Town roads are remedied by Public Works.

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